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Sound design and effects


Sound design – the process of creating and managing sound elements. It is used in television, radio, film, video, animation, theater arts and advertising. Sound effects play an important role in the viewers perception of what is happening on the screen. Talented specialists capable of acutely feeling and catching the relationship between the soundtrack and on-screen or on-stage action work in our studio. Having modern digital equipment and specialized software gives us the opportunity to solve even the most complex tasks.


Creation of soundtracks


Soundtrack  is an integral part of a movie or cartoon. Many films have become recognizable and popular thanks to the successful musical accompaniment.

The process of creation of the soundtrack is carried out by talented and experienced composers at our studio. They are specially suited for writing musical material for films, given the themes and stylistic features, to pass brightness and emotional expressiveness to the product.Further, the written material is supplied to arranger and sound engineer who will make optimal treatment and mixing vocal and instrumental parts for a formed soundtrack.