About us

All Go Rhythm records was founded in 2009.
We have assembled a team of experienced professionals: composers, arrangers, sound engineers, singers, music producers, which will help you fulfill any musical fantasies into real works of almost all musical genres. All Go Rhythm records is records artists and groups belonging to different musical genres, from pop to jazz and rock. We have an individual approach to work with each individual artist. Putting all the talent and effort in the working process, we achieve the best results in all projects we take part in. Producing records at the highest level is a priority for us, so cooperation with All Go Rhythm records is a guarantee of stable high quality. Sound recordings made ​​in our studio, takes the leading place in the charts on radio and television and become absolute hits. Clients of the  All Go Rhythm records are honored artists of Armenia and holders of the best prizes and awards in the field of Armenian music industry. 
All Go Rhythm
 is a company that opens up new names and is engaged in the further promotion of artists. The studio is equipped with modern sound recording and musical instruments. The studio is decorated with all the sound reflection and absorption, which allows us to obtain high quality and rich sound. The team of All Go Rhythm records  does not only record songs, vocals and arrangement, but also  creates   soundtracks, sound design and selects music for films and commercials.
Studio executives are aimed at creating high-quality music products and are always ready for a fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation. That’s why  the atmosphere in our studio is favorable.

The team of All Go Rhythm records bring any project to the pinnacle of success!


All Go Rhythm records was founded in 2009 by Arthur Mkrtchyan. His artistic career had began as a broadcasting operator in radio “Russian” (2000) and continued on radio “Dynamite Fm” (2001). After that he worked as a sound director on-air TV in the news department, in Armenia (2003), sound director of dubbing (2004), technical director on radio 107 Fm(2006),  sound director in CS records (2007),  sound director in the studio "Asbarez" (2009).
Arthur Mkrtchayn's works have been recognized:
Best album of the year - Hayko "In a word"
Best duet song of the year - Qrsitine Pepelyan & Martin Mkrtchyan "End"
Best soundtrack of the year - Hayko "Do not be afraid"
Best newcomer artist of the year - Narine Dovlatyan "Beautiful sunday" etc.